• Your Trip to “The Grand Canyon State”


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    The beautiful state of Arizona, known as the “Grand Canyon State”, has a striking Southwestern charm. Arizona is very diverse; both in landscapes and in human populations. This state boasts seductive endless deserts, breathtakingly steep canyons, and adobe architecture. In Arizona, you’ll find a nice mix of Native Americans, Hispanic Americans, and European Americans.

    The most populated city in Arizona is Phoenix. The city of Phoenix is also Arizona’s state capital. The sixth largest city in United States, Phoenix is a great place to spend a weekend. Phoenix is a cluster of cultural, economic, social, and culinary points of interests.

    Tempe is a prominent suburb of Phoenix, in large extent, came into being because of Arizona State University. Because Tempe is centered around Arizona State University, it has a strong orientation to academics, the arts, and in nightlife. Tempe continues to grow because of the proliferation of biotechnological industries, in the early 2000s.

    Be sure to visit Tucson, the second largest city in Arizona. Tucson best reflects Mexican and Central American heritage, out of all Arizona cities. To get a feel of Tucson’s multicultural vibe, visit many of the city’s Mexican-influenced restaurants and shops.

    Head out to the wild wild west in Monument Valley. It is near the border of Utah, and is found in the Navajo Nation. This particular landscape features a wide potpourri of tumbleweed, Juniper trees, and buttes. Do you love Forrest Gump? Some of it was filmed in Monument Valley.

    A trip to Arizona would be incomplete without visiting the Navajo Nation. The culture-rich Navajo Nation is the largest Native American reservation found in this country. A good portion of it reaches into northeastern Arizona. Popular attractions include Shiprock, Canyon de Chelly National Monument, and Window Rock. At Navajo Nation, you can buy folk art, visit fairs, and eat Navajo tacos.

    Arizona’s most well-known treasure, of course, is the Grand Canyon. This large attraction has something for everyone. Enjoy a fast-paced thrill by going whitewater rafting on the canyon’s rivers. Enter the challenge of your life by hiking the Grand Canyon. If you’re into more tranquil pastimes, there’s something for you too. Visit museums. Take mule and horseback rides. Then there’s stargazing, which is spectacular because of the lack of air pollution.

    If you have not visited Arizona before, it is highly recommended that you do not fly there. Visiting Arizona is a perfect excuse to take a cross country trip by car or train. Coming from the east or the north, you will experience a drastic change in landscaping, vegetation, and architecture; as you travel closer to Arizona. A popular route is to take Interstate 70 to Denver; next, take Interstate 45 to Albuquerque; and then take Interstate 40 to Flagstaff.

  • Arizona’s Best Kept Secrets


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    Known as America’s natural wonderland, Arizona has something for everyone. You can take a family vacation, or surprise the love of your life with a romantic weekend getaway. It does not matter what part of the state you visit, as there are some incredible activities for all to enjoy. Known for its beauty and unparalleled landscape, Arizona has historic landmarks and is home to one of the seven natural wonders of the world.

    The Grand Canyon
    Take a white water rafting adventure down the Colorado River. You can book a six to eight day trip on a motorized boat where you will see everything that the canyon has to offer. If time is an issue, opt for a half or full day trip. If you love to hike, you will not be disappointed. You can explore the caves or go bird watching. Take the Bright Angel Trail and discover over 1,500 different types of plants. Cross the Angel Suspension Bridge to reach the Phantom Ranch which lies at the end of the long trail.

    If you have always wanted to visit a real dude ranch, look no further than Tucson. Saddle up and take a breakfast ride to the foothills, or opt for a sunset ride through the Sonoran desert. You and your family will have the time of your lives as you herd cattle in the team penning adventure. Learn how to communicate with your horse and be the first to maneuver the obstacles in record time. After a day of wild adventure you can head back to the luxurious lodge where you can relax and get ready for dinner. Have a swim before bed and get cozy in front of the fire with a well-deserved glass of red wine.

    A trip to Arizona is not complete without spending a couple of days in Sedona. Not only does it have some of the best spas in the world, but it is also known for its wonderful wineries. People from all over the world have visited Red Rock Country which is home to Bell Rock, Snoopy and Coffeepot. After a long day of hiking, head back into town and have a delicious meal at one of the local restaurants where you can feast on authentic southwestern cuisine. Sleep under the stars, or spend the night in luxury at one of the local resorts.

    Start planning your trip to Arizona, as there are some incredible package deals available that will not cost you a fortune.

  • Exploring Arizona’s White Mountains


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    When people think of visiting Arizona, the majestic Grand Canyon or the beautiful sun-kissed cities of Phoenix and Tucson may be the first destinations that come to mind. However, there is another, less traveled, visitor’s paradise in Arizona, known as the White Mountain area. Locate in Northeast Arizona near the border of New Mexico, the White Mountains are home to one of the largest and most impressive stands of ponderosa pine found anywhere in the world. Elk, deer, bighorn sheep, and wild turkey roam freely through the cool forests and fresh mountain streams. Visitors to the White Mountains will find something to satisfy almost every interest. For the outdoor enthusiast there is hiking, fishing, hunting, horseback riding and mountain biking. Leisure lovers will find golf, the performing arts, antiquing, a symphony orchestra, and historic Native American and pioneer sites. White Mountain winters offer fireplace-warmed cabins and a variety of snow sports as well.

    The White Mountain area has been home to a number of ancient Native American peoples, including the Mogollon and Anasazi tribes. It is still home to Native Americans, including the White Mountain Apache people and the Navajo Nation. Visitors can see ancient Native American ruins or tour historic Fort Apache, a mid-nineteenth century military outpost. The twenty-seven buildings of Fort Apache today are part of a living history museum celebrating the culture of the White Mountain Apache people.

    Located on the White Mountain Apache Reservation, near the small town of Pinetop, is the Hon-Dah Resort and Casino. Visitors will find a hotel, conference center, and RV park, with an outdoor sports and ski shop. The casino features slot machines and table games, as well as live music and comedy shows. The White Mountain Apache tribe also owns and operates the Sunrise Ski Resort, featuring downhill and cross-country skiing, tubing, and snowboarding, amidst spectacular winter vistas. The ski area begins on Apache Peak, at 11,100 feet.

    Lodging in the White Mountains is plentiful. Towns like Show Low, Pinetop, Snowflake, and Lakeside offer cozy bed and breakfasts, resort lodges, budget hotels, and RV parks. Visitors also may opt to rent private cabins, many with pool or spa amenities.

    The White Mountain resort area is about a four hour drive from Phoenix, Tucson, or Grand Canyon Village. It is one option that certainly should be on the list of sites to see in Arizona.

  • Equestrian Adventures in Arizona


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    Horses and the wild west seem synonymous, so it isn’t surprising that many venues are available for equestrian adventures in Arizona. Whether a sightseer or eager participant, Phoenix and the surrounding valley offer a variety of activities and events for horse lovers. Rodeos, horse-racing, trail-riding and western shows are a part of the Arizona cultural history which is brought to life for visitors to enjoy.

    Various organizations host rodeos around the Phoenix, AZ metropolis area annually. The Professional Bull Riders, the Women’s Professional Rodeo Association and the AGRA (Arizona Gay Rodeo Association) are three of the pro organizations which offer rodeos for entertainment. Anyone who enjoys barrel racing, bull-riding, trick horse riding, etc., traveling to Arizona to watch a rodeo is highly recommended. Besides various annual AZ rodeos, Rawhide offers daily shows.

    The Rawhide Western Town is located on 160 acres of Sonoran Desert just south of the Phoenix Sky Harbor Airport on the Gila River Indian Community at Wild Horse Pass. For anyone traveling the west and wishing to take in sites offering history, culture and entertainment, traveling to Rawhide is a must-do adventure. Along with offering the Six Gun Theater and Rawhide Roughriders Show, the Texas Kate Wild West Show and a Petting Zoo, Rawhide offers gold-panning, burro rides, rock climbing on the Deadman’s Drop, mechanical bull-riding on the Widowmaker, and rides through the trails of the Sonoran Desert on the Butterfield Stagecoach. This family-based entertainment attraction is easily accessible from all areas of the valley.

    For those who are more interested in wagering or watching horse races, Phoenix and other cities in Arizona have horse tracks. The Turf Paradise track in Phoenix is open from October through May weekly from Friday to Tuesday. Post time is 12:30 pm until the middle of February when it changes to 1:00 PM. This track offers ten races per day and is broadcast to over 3000 facilities in several different countries and is the first organized professional sports franchise in Arizona. Picnic tables are available by the grandstand area for the convenience of their visitors.

    Arizona has a variety of entertainment to offer visitors throughout the state. Travelers often visit the Grand Canyon, the Desert Botanical Gardens, Phoenix International Raceway for Nascar races and other familiar landmarks. For the horse lovers and equine enthusiasts though, a trip to Arizona means rodeos, horse ranches, shows and a great outdoors adventure.

  • Arizona Can Be Paradise for a First-Time Visiting Movie Fan


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    There probably isn’t an inch of Arizona that hasn’t been pictured in a movie by now. From Tombstone to Tucson and from Phoenix to Flagstaff, the state is living movie history.

    Even today, if you say “Arizona” to someone who’s never been there, chances are their minds will fill up with visions of old cowboy and Indian movies. What that’s not fair, you can certainly understand why. Scores of westerns, both classic and forgettable, have been filmed in Arizona. A good portion of those movies were shot in Monument Valley and surrounding Arizona towns that actually helped create the “Old West” mystique.

    If you come to Arizona specifically looking for movie sets, you won’t be disappointed. However you will have some traveling to do if you want to see more than one. Old Tucson is a good place to start. It’s a real, working outdoor Old West movie studio and theme park. Scores of movies and TV shows have been filmed there. However, the sets have been replaced many times over the years, destroyed by age or fire. If you’re lucky, you may get to see a movie being filmed there. Even if you don’t, there’s plenty to keep you busy, including staged fun fights, a museum and a souvenir store.

    If the “red rock” scenery of John Ford westerns is more of what you’re looking for, head to Northern Arizona for a visit. The city of Sedona, nestled in “Red Rock Country,” even has a movie store on the main drag through town. There you can see a huge posted list of the movies filmed in and around the town. Take a guided Jeep tour from one of several companies and you’ll see first hand why the area made for such amazing cowboy pictures.

    Then of course there’s Monument Valley on the Arizona Utah border. Say the words “Western,” “cattle drive” or “cowboys and Indians” to yourself and Monument Valley will immediately fill your mind. As well it should; the area’s relative closeness to Hollywood, plus its ancient combination of curiosity and desolate mystery have made it a favorite of directors since the very first movies of the silent days.

    If you’re a movie buff, Arizona certainly has a lot for you to see for yourself. Do some research before you come, and plan your own route to see the places that are already playing in your mind’s movie theatre.

  • The Adventurers Dream Vacation: Sedona, Arizona.


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    When most people think of Arizona, they tend to think of blistering hot heat mixed together with crowds of tourists loading and unloading from buses along the Grand Canyon. But Arizona is much more than the Grand Canyon. If you are looking for a chance to see a different side of Arizona, head down to the high desert just under the south-western rim of the Colorado Plateau. There you will find the small city of Sedona. With an average high temperature of 74 degrees Fahrenheit, Sedona is the perfect destination for outdoors enthusiasts.

    Sedona is most famous for its scenic location right at the mouth of Oak Creek Canyon, known through out the world for beautiful red-rock formations and lush green foliage. Once you get there, the canyon is your playground. You can join in a guided tour, or adventure out on your own and explore all the areas to hike, fish, and camp. For those who prefer a little more comfort than a tent can offer, there are plenty of cottages, cabins, and friendly bed and breakfasts in Oak Creek Canyon.

    If you’ve come Sedona to hike the red rocks, getting a Red Rock pass ($5) is the best way to make your vacation truly unforgettable. One of the most amazing hikes you can take is to the Palatki Ruins. Known as the Palatki Heritage Site, you can see cliff dwellings and rock art dating back to 1150 to 1300 AD. The Forest Service only allows a limited number of visitors per day, and it is possible to be turned away if you have not set your reservation in advance. So reserve your spot before you visit the ruins.

    After your hike you may want to find a place to cool down and have a bite to eat. Slide Rock State Park is the perfect place to relax and enjoy a picnic and it is also a natural waterslide and pool. But don’t wear your best swimsuit when you go there. It may be a waterslide, but it’s also a rock, so it can be rather abrasive. Old shoes or flip-flops are also recommended for your hike back up to the top of the slide.

    With so many fun and exciting things to do in Sedona, it’s a wonder it hasn’t become as large of an attraction as the Grand Canyon itself.

  • Arizona’s best attractions


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    As the home of world renowned attractions like the Grand Canyon and booming cities like Phoenix, the state of Arizona offers much for tourists to see and do. Few other states in the U.S. can match its blend of natural beauty and rich culture. Those traveling to Arizona will find it to be very easy thanks to the state’s efficient road network and world-class airports. Easy to get to and hard to leave, Arizona is a great place for a vacation or sightseeing tour.

    Arizona is accessible by a number of options. Sky Harbor Airport in Phoenix and Tucson International Airport in Tucson are two huge, modern airports that offer nonstop service to many cities across the United States and abroad. The state is crisscrossed by many interstate highways like Interstate 10, Interstate 40 and Interstate 60 that offer convenient access to its major cities and attractions from across the country. Bus services and Amtrak are also ways to get into the state. Getting around the state is possible thanks to its extensive road and highway network, rental car options and Greyhound bus service stops.

    Once inside Arizona visitors are treated to a wealth of great attractions and world-class landmarks. From spectacular canyons to ancient Native American sites to major cities, Arizona truly has something for everyone.

    The state’s premier attraction is the Grand Canyon. Located in Northern Arizona, the Grand Canyon offers breathtaking beauty and unmatched views. One of the top tourist attractions in the United States, the Grand Canyon is number one with a bullet on the list of sites to see in Arizona. The canyon’s North Rim, while hard to access, offers some of the most spectacular views on the planet. Be sure to also check out the canyons many hiking trails, whitewater rafting ventures, aerial tours and the nearby Havasupai Indian Reservation.

    Petrified Forest National Park is another great attraction. Known for its ancient trees and brightly colored landscape, the park is one of the most unique in the United States and definitely worth a visit.

    Phoenix, the state’s capital and largest city, is home to a wide array of great attractions and landmarks to discover. Its top sites of interest include the Desert Botanical Garden, the Arizona Science Center, the Heard Museum, the Phoenix Art Museum and the Pueblo Grande Museum and Archeological Park.

    Arizona offers even more places to explore. With its accessibility and plethora of stunning sites, the state is among the best in the U.S. for travel and tourism.

  • Five Must-See Destinations in Arizona


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    Located in the sunny southwestern region of the United States, Arizona is a premier travel destination for tourists who want to experience breathtaking scenery and world-famous landmarks. Although Arizona is best known for its spectacular nature, it’s also home to a number of thriving metropolitan centers including the cities of Phoenix and Tucson. With its rich history and unforgettable sights, the Grand Canyon State has plenty to offer to people of all ages and interests. If you are planning to travel to Arizona, there are five must-see destinations you can include in your itinerary to experience an amazing trip that you’ll remember for the rest of your life.

    1. The Grand Canyon
    The Grand Canyon is one of the most famous landmarks in the world and a must-see attraction for all travelers who visit Arizona. Stretching for 277 miles of stunning rock formations full of unexpected twists and turns, the Grand Canyon offers spectacular views and a number of unforgettable activities.

    2. Phoenix
    Phoenix is the capital of Arizona and its largest city. Situated near the Salt River, the city of Phoenix is a bustling metropolis with a rich history and culture. There are a number of exciting attractions within the city for visitors of all interests including the Heard Museum, the Desert Botanical Garden, Camelback Mountain, the Arizona Science Center and Saint Mary’s Basilica.

    3. National Parks
    Arizona is home to several national parks and monuments. The state’s national parks offer miles of one-of-a-kind scenery and wildlife. The Petrified Forest National Park and the Saguaro National Parks are among the most unique and beautiful parks in the country.

    4. National Monuments
    Arizona’s numerous national monuments are a testament to the state’s rich culture and history. The Corona National Memorial commemorates the first expedition of Europeans into the United State led by Francisco Vásquez de Coronado in 1540. The Wupatki National Monument shows off preserved pueblos of ancient tribes that used to populate the area. Another notable historical landmark is the Navajo National Monument, which is composed of the remains of three Anasazi villages.

    5. Tucson
    Located 118 miles from Phoenix, Tucson is Arizona’s second largest city. Just 60 miles away from the Mexican border, Tucson is a diverse cultural center that is home to a number of interesting attractions including the Tucson Symphony Orchestra and the Temple of Music and Art.