• Your Trip to “The Grand Canyon State”

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    The beautiful state of Arizona, known as the “Grand Canyon State”, has a striking Southwestern charm. Arizona is very diverse; both in landscapes and in human populations. This state boasts seductive endless deserts, breathtakingly steep canyons, and adobe architecture. In Arizona, you’ll find a nice mix of Native Americans, Hispanic Americans, and European Americans.

    The most populated city in Arizona is Phoenix. The city of Phoenix is also Arizona’s state capital. The sixth largest city in United States, Phoenix is a great place to spend a weekend. Phoenix is a cluster of cultural, economic, social, and culinary points of interests.

    Tempe is a prominent suburb of Phoenix, in large extent, came into being because of Arizona State University. Because Tempe is centered around Arizona State University, it has a strong orientation to academics, the arts, and in nightlife. Tempe continues to grow because of the proliferation of biotechnological industries, in the early 2000s.

    Be sure to visit Tucson, the second largest city in Arizona. Tucson best reflects Mexican and Central American heritage, out of all Arizona cities. To get a feel of Tucson’s multicultural vibe, visit many of the city’s Mexican-influenced restaurants and shops.

    Head out to the wild wild west in Monument Valley. It is near the border of Utah, and is found in the Navajo Nation. This particular landscape features a wide potpourri of tumbleweed, Juniper trees, and buttes. Do you love Forrest Gump? Some of it was filmed in Monument Valley.

    A trip to Arizona would be incomplete without visiting the Navajo Nation. The culture-rich Navajo Nation is the largest Native American reservation found in this country. A good portion of it reaches into northeastern Arizona. Popular attractions include Shiprock, Canyon de Chelly National Monument, and Window Rock. At Navajo Nation, you can buy folk art, visit fairs, and eat Navajo tacos.

    Arizona’s most well-known treasure, of course, is the Grand Canyon. This large attraction has something for everyone. Enjoy a fast-paced thrill by going whitewater rafting on the canyon’s rivers. Enter the challenge of your life by hiking the Grand Canyon. If you’re into more tranquil pastimes, there’s something for you too. Visit museums. Take mule and horseback rides. Then there’s stargazing, which is spectacular because of the lack of air pollution.

    If you have not visited Arizona before, it is highly recommended that you do not fly there. Visiting Arizona is a perfect excuse to take a cross country trip by car or train. Coming from the east or the north, you will experience a drastic change in landscaping, vegetation, and architecture; as you travel closer to Arizona. A popular route is to take Interstate 70 to Denver; next, take Interstate 45 to Albuquerque; and then take Interstate 40 to Flagstaff.

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